Tabata® Indoor Cycle Instructor Certification

Tabata Cycle Certification Training from Team ICG

I learned this past week at IDEA that Tabata® is an actual brand and you can get certified as a Tabata® Cycling Instructor / coach through Team ICG’s education group.

The basic principles of Tabata are pretty well known by most fitness instructors – a series of 8 short duration, maximal efforts, followed by a rest period in a 2/1 work/rest ratio = 20 seconds of intense effort, followed by 10 seconds recovery  – if you can call 10 secs a recovery!

Coached correctly, Tabata is a proven method of increasing cardiovascular fitness and raise an athlete’s VO2 Max. Unfortunately there’s a lot of miss-use of Tabata and this certification is designed to have Instructors teaching it properly.

Dates and locations for the certification are still pending. You can join the notification list here.