Free ACE Continuing Education Credits CECs

Earn some free ACE Continuing Education Credits (CECs) this weekend

Free ACE Continuing Education Credits CECs
Click this image for CEC’s

My wife Amy’s ACE certification is up for renewal soon and she needs .6 ACE continuing ed credits. site offers online CECs courses that cost about $20.00 for 0.1 credits. Here are two she found; Nutrition Strategies for Fitness and Performance $59.95 (.3 ACE CECs) and Flexibility Training Specialist $69.95 (.4 ACE CECs) $130.00 total.

With the weather so crappy this weekend she planned to spend Sunday completing both programs so you can continue to teach at Life Time Fitness.

Before she purchased the ACE courses I suggested she check what the Indoor Cycling Group ICG was offering.

Turned out that ICG had 12 different online courses that are approved by ACE. Two courses Amy found were similar to ACE’s and combined offered .7 CECs – at no cost.

Click here to see them

You’ll need to scroll down the page and click ICG Continuing Education Credits banner to see each course description. There is a link to a page that shows the CEC’s.

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She did save our family $130 after all.