Online Indoor Cycling Certification from ICG

indoor cycling group ICG Online Certification

The Indoor Cycling Group (ICG) offers an online Instructor certification that will prepare you to teach Indoor Cycle classes at a gym or studio.

At their website you can access your free Team ICG account that gives you access to 12 internationally accredited continuing education modules worth over $800.

The I.C.E Stages accredited certification program is available online for only $300 making it the most affordable and accessible option for professionals starting out or seasoned pros looking to renew their credits with a brand committed to offering them more – much more.

Check out our trade show, master class and workshop dates. Learn about out our products designed to enhance your classes in the Myride® Plus section of the website. And discover how Team ICG is joining the fight against cancer with its “Survivor” module and exclusive partnership with LIVESTRONG® Fitness.

You can learn more about Team ICG and the Indoor Cycling Group here.

Once you have your certification you may want to reward yourself with an ICI/PRO subscription. Instructors world wide depend on ICI/PRO to keep them educated and motivated throughout the year = fuller classes of appreciative Indoor Cycling students 🙂