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Does Spinning® or Schwinn offer an online instructor certification?

Online indoor cycling certification

Spinning’s® certification – they call them “orientations” – are not available online, only as live classes. Same with Schwinn, nothing online.

There are a couple of options online – but I would first read this post about our recommended strategy for learning what the requirements are – at the club or studio where you’d like to teach. It won’t do you any good to complete an online certification, only to find out you needed something different.

The best example is an official/branded Spinning® Studio. The studio’s agreement with Mad Dogg Athletics (the owner of the Spinning Brand) is that every Instructor who teaches there will have a Spin® certification. It doesn’t mean you can’t have additional certifications, but you do need Spinning’s before you’ll be able to hold a class schedule.

Schwinn doesn’t enforce the same restrictions on clubs who use their Performance AC indoor cycles. Clubs that use the Schwinn bikes may want you to go through their certification so you have an  understanding of teaching with power and using the MPower Console.

My experience is that most places just want you to have a certification, from a credible organization, so they can advertise that they have “certified fitness instructors”. But don’t make a big mistake by assuming anything. Follow these steps to ensure you’ll get hired as an Indoor Cycling Instructor. Then you’ll know exactly what your next step should be so you can start teaching 🙂

If you choose the online certification route I’d direct you to either Cycling Fusion or Team ICG. Both offer very comprehensive training programs and should be acceptable to any studio that doesn’t specify where you need to be trained before they will hire you.

Free Indoor Cycling Class Audio Profile

Once you’re certified as an Instructor, keeping your classes fresh, educational and entertaining should be your primary focus.

ICI/PRO members receive a steady supply of new class profiles. Here’s a free sample you can use today to teach a great class your student’s will enjoy.

Waldo’s Revenge Indoor Cycling class profile.

Waldo’s Revenge PRO/Playlist in Spotify

Download Stayin’ Hot (Nelly vs. Bee Gee’s), DJ Lobsterdust 4:15

Asking the right question

Do you want to become certified as a Spinning®, Schwinn® or other form of Indoor Cycling Instructor?

Or is your real question; how can I get a regularly scheduled Indoor Cycling class where I’m the Instructor?

We are frequently asked the first question, when the goal is actually the second question.

I get the “Where can I get certified as a “Spin®”,”Schwinn®” or simply an Indoor Cycling Instructor?” question a lot. While trying to be helpful, more often than not my response is “I’m sorry, but you are asking the wrong person.” “The person you want to ask is the manager at the club where you would like to teach.”

This post has a lot of suggestions on how do I get a job as an Indoor Cycling Instructor that I feel will be helpful to you.

Are you ready to get certified as an Indoor Cycling Instructor?

Instructor Mark Peterson

Looking to get certified as an Indoor Cycling Instructor with Spinning, Schwinn, Keiser, RealRyder, Stages or Cycling Fusion?

Here’s a good online certification that is accepted by many clubs and studios.

We can help. Check out the navigation links above for information about “how much does it cost to become certified?” or where can I get certified as an Instructor?

If you are certified and are looking for a new teaching gig – check out indoor cycling instructor

If you want to fill your studio – I suggest checking out ICI/PRO which offers free music, great class profiles and the latest on heart rate and power training.