Live Indoor Cycling Instructor Certifications This Spring

Ready to get certified as an Indoor Cycling Instructor?

Cycling Fusion is offering their Level 1 Certifications at a number of locations this spring. Links go to the information & registration pages.

4/28/18 @ Tyndall AFB  Panama City, FL – Essentials One Day

4/28/18 @ Bellingham Training and Tennis Bellingham, WA – Essentials Two Day Immersive

5/20/18 @ Aspen Athletic Clubs Liverpool, New York – Essentials One Day

Cycling Fusion is frequently adding new locations – you can check here to find a training near you -OR – you can learn how to host a training at your location using this link.






New Spinning Instructor Online Certification Course

Spinning Instructor Online Certification Program
Image from Mad Dogg Athletics

Mad Dogg athletics is now offering an online instructor training course that promises to prepare & certify participants as Spinning® Indoor Cycling Instructors.

From the email announcement:

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Register – You now have the opportunity to earn your Spinning Instructor Certification from wherever you are, whenever you want. Learn from the best Spinning® instructors in the world – it’s like a private lesson in your own home!
  2. Take the online course – No need to wait, get a complete class experience where you can re-watch, re-play and cover the complete Spinning program experience at your own pace.
  3. Pass the online exam, download your digital certificate and start teaching classes today!

The promotional email provided a list of course materials that include

A digital Spinning Instructor Manual that you can take anywhere
Online video modules.
Access to the online certification exam.
A digital study guide
FREE access to online video of a complete Spinning class delivered by Josh Taylor.
FREE access to downloadable music that can be used to create your own classes.
Sample downloadable ride profiles that can be used immediately to teach classes.
Downloadable training tips.


Where can I find an Indoor Cycling Teaching Job?

Indoor Cycling Instructor Jobs 600w

Now that you’re certified, your next step is finding a club or studio who will hire you.

We’ve created Only Indoor Cycling Jobs – which is the best place to search for openings in your area.

If you are interested in teaching at CycleBar, SoulCycle, Flywheel or a licensed Spinning Studio – those links will take you to all of their help wanted listings. Independent studio listings are here.

Get Certified to Teach Parkinson’s Indoor Cycling Classes

Parkinson's Cycling Master Coach Kathy Helmuth
Parkinson’s Cycling Master Coach Kathy Helmuth

Hi, my name is Kathy Helmuth and I am excited to share a wonderful new program that you can now offer at your club or studio – Parkinson’s Indoor Cycling.  

As group cycling instructors, we try to educate and encourage success in our indoor group cycling classes. We see those moments of achievement and we are excited for the participants who have reached their goals. In the Parkinson’s Cycling Coach classes, those moments of achievement are multiplied by 10.

Parkinson’s Disease can rob a person of smell, facial expression, movement, and flexibility.

Imagine this…. A person with Parkinson’s Disease comes into your indoor cycling class using a cane or a walker. He or she registers for the program, completes the necessary paperwork, and goes through the initial testing. You notice that this individual shows very little expression on their face.

After riding a few classes being coached at the proper intensity and cadence, that individual may no longer need a cane or walker. That person is walking with an improved gait and has better balance and flexibility. They have a smile and some expression back on their face!

Or imagine this…. a person diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease not being able to smell the aroma of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. After a few Parkinson’s Cycling classes, that individual can now able to smell and taste those delicious cookies.

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to help these Parkinson’s individuals feel better and move through their daily activities with greater ease.

“Feeling normal” is the way one of our riders describes why she loves this program. In my interview with Sharon in the video above, she says that the pedaling class makes her “feel normal….like everyone else”.

I hope this helps ignite the compassion you have for helping others. Seven to ten million people have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease around the world.

Meet Master Parkinson’s Cycling Coach Kathy Helmuth and learn how you can train to become an ACE accredited Parkinson’s Cycling Coach by listening to our announcement podcast below.



Do you meet our qualifications to become a Parkinson’s Cycling Coach?
Click Here to learn more.

Tabata® Indoor Cycle Instructor Certification

Tabata Cycle Certification Training from Team ICG

I learned this past week at IDEA that Tabata® is an actual brand and you can get certified as a Tabata® Cycling Instructor / coach through Team ICG’s education group.

The basic principles of Tabata are pretty well known by most fitness instructors – a series of 8 short duration, maximal efforts, followed by a rest period in a 2/1 work/rest ratio = 20 seconds of intense effort, followed by 10 seconds recovery  – if you can call 10 secs a recovery!

Coached correctly, Tabata is a proven method of increasing cardiovascular fitness and raise an athlete’s VO2 Max. Unfortunately there’s a lot of miss-use of Tabata and this certification is designed to have Instructors teaching it properly.

Dates and locations for the certification are still pending. You can join the notification list here.

Indoor Cycling Instructor Certifications at IDEA World Fitness Conference

UPDATE: This is past.

Schwinn Indoor Cycling  and RealRyder Indoor Cycling are offering Instructor certification at the IDEA World Fitness Conference in Anaheim, California.  Both are run a pre-convention 8 hour live certifications on Wednesday, August 13.

Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification

Schwinn® Cycling: Instructor Certification LECTURE/WORKSHOP
9:00am–7:00pm (1-hour lunch is on your own)
Master Trainers are Julz Arney and Jeffrey Scott

Here’s the link to register for the Schwinn certification and for more information.

RealRyder Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification

RealRyder® Indoor Cycling: Certified Instructor Training WORKSHOP
8:00am–5:00pm (1-hour lunch is on your own)
Douglas Brooks, MS, and Adam Reid

Here’s the link to register for the RealRyder certification and for more information.

Free ACE Continuing Education Credits CECs

Earn some free ACE Continuing Education Credits (CECs) this weekend

Free ACE Continuing Education Credits CECs
Click this image for CEC’s

My wife Amy’s ACE certification is up for renewal soon and she needs .6 ACE continuing ed credits. site offers online CECs courses that cost about $20.00 for 0.1 credits. Here are two she found; Nutrition Strategies for Fitness and Performance $59.95 (.3 ACE CECs) and Flexibility Training Specialist $69.95 (.4 ACE CECs) $130.00 total.

With the weather so crappy this weekend she planned to spend Sunday completing both programs so you can continue to teach at Life Time Fitness.

Before she purchased the ACE courses I suggested she check what the Indoor Cycling Group ICG was offering.

Turned out that ICG had 12 different online courses that are approved by ACE. Two courses Amy found were similar to ACE’s and combined offered .7 CECs – at no cost.

Click here to see them

You’ll need to scroll down the page and click ICG Continuing Education Credits banner to see each course description. There is a link to a page that shows the CEC’s.

Then she might check out what’s new at our 40% off Pearl iZumi program

She did save our family $130 after all.


Hooked on Training – Heart Zones Conference: Saturday, March 29 2014

Hooked on training heart zones conference

Sally Edwards with Heart Zones Fitness has teamed up with Gene Nacey’s Cycling Fusion to produce Hooked on Training Heart Zones Conference: Saturday, March 29 2014.


“Hooked on Training”
This, the 12th year for the Heart Zones Conference, bring something entirely new to the health and fitness industry – 4 ways to attend – live or streaming virtual. And, you choose the best way to participate to gain the most from your experience. This high-impact, one-day, seven-hour education and workout event is co- presented by Heart Zones USA and Cycling Fusion. The 2014 Conference includes workshops, workouts, discussion groups, keynote presentations, live and digital workouts, and more.

Here are the Details:

Who Should Attend? Anyone may attend . If you are an indoor cycling instructor, group X instructor, coach, PE teacher, athlete, or fitness enthusiasts you are encouraged to participate too.

How to Attend? It is your choice and there are 4 different ways to attend.
CONFERENCE CENTER LIVE: From the YMCA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this is the live conference; web-broadcast to the Official Host Sites and to the At Home participants. You will be the live televised audience.
OFFICIAL HOST SITES: Locations across the USA are joining the Conference remotely-simulcast with a combination of our live certified instructors supporting and leading workouts.
AT HOME: Participate from your home or wherever there is an internet connection. Attend the Conference as it’s happening.
Anytime: Delayed broadcast at times of your choice on the internet and/or watch up to 30-days post event.

Where to Attend? Official Host Sites are in the following areas: Peachtree City (Atlanta), GA; Bellevue (Seattle), WA; Lakewood (Denver), CO; San Francisco, CA; Milwaukee, WI; New York City, NY; and PNC YMCA (Pittsburgh) PA. More locations to be announced.

Click here for more information and registration details.

Why not ask if your club or studio will host a certification?

host an indoor cycling instructor certification

It can be tough to find a local Instructor certification near where you live. One option would be to ask if the club/studio where you ride would (or could) host an in-house certification.

All of the Indoor Cycling education providers would be open to sending a master trainer in to conduct a training day – many times the challenge is finding:

A. a host location and

B. enough participants to justify the expenses.

You may want to review this article; Hosting an Indoor Cycle Certification workshop for more information and then forward the info to the owner of the location where you’d like to teach 🙂