Schwinn Cycling Certifications and Workshops

Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor Training Course

Indoor cycling is all the rage and Instructors are in demand. Now you have the opportunity to take the industry’s finest and most comprehensive indoor cycling course taught by a highly qualified Schwinn® Master Trainer. In this workshop, you will learn everything you need to know to become an indoor cycling instructor. Your Schwinn® Master Trainer will lead you through bike fit, cycling physiology and mechanics, proper technique, the Schwinn® Cycling Coaching Pyramid, class design, class scheduling and 2 power-packed workouts. Walk away with the skills you need to be the best indoor cycling instructor you can be! Here is the list of Schwinn Instructor Certifications.

If you can’t travel to a certification, you may want to consider an online certification from a reputable company. I can recommend the Cycling Fusion program and know it will be accepted by most clubs and studios.


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